A ‘Little’ Background on this Blog

The story of this blog’s beginning is something I remember pretty fondly. I had recently finished university and was in a less than ideal state of mind at the time. I’d moved back in with my parents after 3 years of living independently and faced a long period of unemployment and general unfulfillment. To top this all off, as I was just about to leave my house to go visit my friend in Leamington, I’d received my dissertation results which were, let’s say, below what I had expected they would be. I then spent 2 days trying to ignore the reality that I had little in my life to be cheerful about by going out with friends and ‘having a good time’, all to no avail. As if things couldn’t get any worse, when I got home to Leicester, I didn’t have any change for the bus home and instead had to walk.

On that walk home, my mind wandered relentlessly as I listened to the audiobook version of Christopher Hitchens’ memoir “Hitch-22”. It was a particularly depressing chapter on his mother’s tragic life of broken dreams and failed aspirations for a ‘better life’. At some point throughout this chapter I decided I needed something to keep my brain stimulated and challenged. I always felt like I had a passion for writing (no matter how terribly rushed some of my earlier works were, I just enjoyed the concept of sitting down and writing) and it was at that point I decided to drag myself out of the proverbial gutter and write.

I got home, made some poor excuse to my mum as to why I wasn’t out looking for work, ran upstairs and set up “The Pop Culture Waste Bin”. It was set up as a safe haven for me to vent about anything I felt like writing about and as something to take up the mundane hours within the day.

All this time later and things have changed drastically. I now have a full time job that takes up most of my time and thus has cut back the amount of spare time I have to write on this blog. The amount I have written has become minimal as my time to sit back and gorge myself on new music has been slashed. For a good month or two, I considered The Pop Culture Waste Bin dead in the water, never to return,

But much like the career of [enter artist who made a successful comeback here], this blog continues on, still churning out innocuous waffle whenever I see fit.

Long may this incredibly average, facetious and wholly irrelevant blog exist. 

Why is the blog called The Pop Culture Waste Bin?

A simple answer really; because it’s full of a lot of junk that wouldn’t make it on most other blogs or sites. This is really a collection of any things pop culture related I feel like writing about, some of which will be crap such as old cult films I’ve recently watched (now I’ve got my Netflix account hooked up to my Xbox, there will no doubt be a review of “Buckaroo Banzai” on the way) or albums I vehemently believe are overlooked/overrated/worthy of copious amounts of praise. Also, I thought it was a pretty cool name (and if you disagree, fuck you).

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