PCWB’s Cinematic Nirvana #7: Jack Rabbit Slim’s Scene from “Pulp Fiction” (aka Happy 20th Anniversary Pulp Fiction!)

Pulp Fiction (1994. dir. Quentin Tarantino)

Pulp Fiction was released 20 years ago today in America. That’s an insane sentence to write seeing as the film does not appear to have aged a bit since it’s initial release. Every scene is still massively quotable and despite several pastiches and parodies, the iconic scenes do not lose any of their appeal. With not a single ounce of hyperbole intended, it is quite easy to argue the point that Pulp Fiction is the best film of the past 20 years.

It’s really hard to pick a scene or two from the film as potential stand outs as they’re really all on an equal playing field. I was considering the opening diner scene, the Vincent and Jules scenes that crop up or the watch saga but opted for the Jack Rabbit Slim’s scene.

Everything about the scene itself is perfect; it shows off Tarantino’s flair for dialogue as the character interaction is genuinely interesting. Every line is sharp and well delivered by Thurman and Travolta (who play off of each other so well) and the conversation comes across as organic. Beyond the discussions surrounded failed tv pilots and Tony Rocky Horror’s ill-fated fall from grace, there’s also that dance scene which is often imitated and never truly duplicated. It works so well in this portion of the film, playing off the obvious chemistry between Mia and Vincent and is the precursor for one of the more tense turn of events. It’s also an excellent display of twisting which is something far less prevalent in this; the Age of Twerking.

And also, it has a great Chuck Berry song playing in the background. Any excuse to feature a scene with Chuck Berry playing in the background is good with me.

Gah, YouTube is adhering to “copyright laws” and doesn’t feature the entire scene. Jesus YouTube, don’t be a…

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