La Roux Returns After 5 Years With Great Track Worthy of Your Time


There is a belief within pop music that once you get a hit record that you will have a window of opportunity to capitalise on your popularity successfully. To make a significant mark on the charts, you need to make that second attempt within an allocated slot and unfortunately, a large demographic of groups either miss it or come back with meek songs. The Klaxons returned 3 years after their debut with an album of songs people weren’t enamoured with. Pendulum waited 3 years to provide a limp follow-up to “Hold Your Colour” that nobody seemed to enjoy. It also took My Bloody Valentine around 22 years to release their next album after the classic and unheralded “Loveless” which was out in 1991.

Following the initial fanfare of their original album and that remix of their hit single ‘In For the Kill’ by Skream, it has taken La Roux 5 years to reappear with new music and unlike many others, it seems to have been worth the wait. “Let Me Down Gently” has sophisticated sound and the production on their songs has really improved. It’s a little more downtempo than say “Bulletproof” but maintains that weird 80s synthpop gloss with a more slick and modernised feel. Instead of speeding up their fall from grace as it has for so many groups, the break away from the limelight seems to have only aided La Roux into finding a new, interesting sound.

I never thought I would say this, but I am bloody excited for the new La Roux album at some point this year.

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