Shit Robot’s “Do That Dance” Features a Glorious Amount of Nancy Whang and Diego Maradona

It’s been a long time since I posted something. The main reason is that I’ve spent a lot of the last month or so sorting my life out piece by piece. I’ve now managed to get a new job in London which starts in a few weeks from now. The possibilities in respect of this blog are definitely interesting as there will be a huge wealth of cool cultural stuff happening in and around the city ranging from film marathons, live music and access to some incredible independent record stores. It’s going to be fun and will hopefully mean this blog will get a little more varied content-wise. I also have a huge wealth of posts that I need to finish at some point. 

I have an unrelenting crush of Nancy Whang. This is maybe because she was in one my favourite bands and also because she’s incapable of doing anything wrong or mediocre. Besides her work within LCD Soundsystem, Whang’s also provided vocals on many DFA releases making her a modern day Disco queen in the vein of a Donna Summer or Norma Jean Wright. Along with her recent track with Classixx, Whang really shone on Take ‘Em Up back in 2011 with one of my favourite DFA artists Shit Robot. 

Thankfully, the Disco gods have been kind and Shit Robot and Whang have collaborated a further time on “Do That Dance” which is as fun as all DFA-related tracks tend to be. I particularly really dig the synth and the relentless Brazillian carnival-eseque whistle that keep popping up. It’s a pretty hypnotic track aided by a beautiful and trippy video. 

Almost as enjoyable as the song itself is the football imagery in the video (behind Nancy dancing) which, if you are as delighted by classic football moments like I am, evoke a lot of fond memories that only add to the joy of the song. I never thought I’d ever see a Disco music video that would feature the image of a doped up Diego Maradona (circa 1994) screaming into a camera. Nevermind the image of a doped up Diego Maradona (circa 1994) screaming into a camera dancing to the beat of a Disco song.

Football and indeed Shit Robot, bloody hell. 

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