PCWB’s Cinematic Nirvana #2: “You Belong to Me” from The Jerk



The Jerk (1979, Carl Reiner) 

The Jerk is the highlight of Steve Martin’s film career (Second place goes to The Man With Two Brains). It’s the story of a young poor  ‘Black’ man called Navin who moves to St Louis, works at a gas station then a circus, gets a dog called Shithead, becomes a millionaire, loses every cent and ends up homeless.

In between a genuinely madcap story comes this sweet and tender song performed by Martin and Bernadette Peters as the two lovers who are the film’s main characters. It’s a simple and really quite touching scene that I’ve always loved. If only all dates were like this (trumpet solo and all).

This may lack the acclaim or infamy of many of the other scenes I’m going to feature in this series, but it’s a brilliant part of one of my all time favourite films (and a fairly underrated comedy in the grand scheme of things).

And the final joke in the scene is pretty priceless.

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