Ten Things That Make Me Love “Street Fighter: The Movie”

Note: I wrote this a long time ago on my Tumblr and it kinda popped into my head the other day when I had the misfortune (or pleasure, depending on how you look at it) of stumbling on Street Fighter: The Movie. I still think every aspect of this top ten rings true with the film. I’ve incorporated more links to stuff and trimmed out the excessive all-caps swearing that it had originally. Enjoy and then go and endure the film. I’m sure it’s somewhere on the internet if you really want to watch it. 



  1. The fact that, even as a 5 year old kid, the film was a crushing disappointment to me. However, I did love the DC comic that was made to coincide with the film (I sadly lost the comic when I dropped it in some water when in a boat with my family. I’m still cut up about it today).
  2. The poor effort they did with incorporating Blanka into the film. Not to mention the fact that he looked like Carrot Top if you you squint hard enough.
    2.5. Whilst I’m on that tangent, what the hell was up with the lack of Dhalsim doing anything? Also, how racist is the Dhalsim character in general!?
  3. The MC Hammer (or HAMMER at the time the film was made) song on the OST.
  4. Kylie Minogue’s  English accent – There was seriously NO ENGLISH ACTRESS who could play Cammy!? Poor form, Hollywood.
  5. The fact they got a brilliantly skilled actor like Raúl Juliá to play M. Bison in what was his last film before his untimely death.
  6. The fact that Raúl Juliá’s performance is amusingly over the top and campy making it the best thing about the film.
  7. Jean-Claude Van Damme playing the all American hero Guile with his clearly European accent. Doesn’t get a pass like it did in Hard Target where his character was Cajun. Also, this speech is incredible. Great accent, JC.
  8. The fact that the two characters (well, one more so than the other) RYU and KEN barely feature in the film and are mostly dislikeable. This might actually be the best-worst thing about the film; ignoring the fact that nearly everyone sees Ryu as the main character over Guile and going full tilt with the Guile storyline.
  9. It has potentially having the best the freeze frame ending of all time with characters doing their winning poses.
  10. It spawned a game so appalling it made Shaq Fu look like Dead or Alive 2. The game also may have the worst title of all time; Street Fighter: The Movie, The Game.

And now, just for the simple fact that he makes the whole film watchable, some glorious Raúl Juliá going mental as M. Bison scenes from throughout the film.

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