New Album by Death Grips Drops. Ears Around the World Bleed

Death Grips are an acquired taste. You could be put off by their abrasive style, their tendency to be an incredibly douchy group by no-showing their shows or simply because they had an erect cock as one of their album covers. That being all well and good, they’re a band who seem to garner more press for doing all of the above or getting dropped from a major label than they get for making music.

“Government Plates” is their first release since No Love Web Deep came out last year amidst a storm of controversy. This album relies less on rap verses or vocals in any coherent way, instead it’s DG seemingly trying to veer into changing their sound and becoming more instrumentation heavy. A song like ‘This Is Violence Now’ has no ground-breaking lines lyrically speaking but is an engrossing listen nonetheless.

I listened to this on the bus to work on Wednesday and was pretty blown away if a little speechless after finishing it. It’s loud and aggressive (it’s Death Grips) and massively enjoyable as a result.. A song like the epic near six minute long “Whatever I Want (Fuck Who’s Watching)” with it’s relentless synths and techno drum patterns gets your blood rushing and the idea of going ape-shit in a moshpit at a Death Grips show (one they show up for) seem like the greatest idea you could come up with.

Oh yeah. And the album was released by the band on their website. For free. It’s also available on soundcloud which I have conveniently provided below. “Birds”, “Feels Like a Wheel” and “You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it’s your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat” are well worth a listen.

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