UFC Turns Twenty – A Trip Back to One Night In Colorado

The UFC celebrated it’s twentieth anniversary this past week and I think with such a momentous occasion, a look back at the very first event is much needed.

Maybe the most interesting thing to note about this show is the fact that it really was set up to be a showcase of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and whilst that doesn’t mean that it was fixed, it becomes apparent very early that none of the fighters with the exception of Royce Gracie, really knew what they were getting themselves in for.

Thankfully, Mixed Martial Arts has become a less gimmicky sport and lost it’s “NO HOLDS BARRED! NO RULES! TWO MEN ENTER, ONE MAN LEAVES!” schtick at least 13 years ago. What we now have is a sport more akin to a human chess game where fighters have to be well versed in all areas and must attempt to outsmart the other.

Still, it’s interesting to look back at what the sport was way back in 1993. It’s a brutal, ugly and bloodthirsty tournament that bears more resemblance to Bloodsport than a legitimate sport.

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