Dam Funk and Snoop Dogg – Faden Away

The Long Beach Connection

As much as you can criticise Snoop Dogg’s music and rap verses, you can’t fault his consistent striving for a different sound and experimentation. Be it his heavily Neptunes influenced songs from the early 2000s to his reggae sound on Reincarnated to the G-Funk sound he helped make famous in 90s, Snoop Dogg has at least attempted to make different music.

Dam-Funk is one of my favourite musicians by a mile. His releases have always been really enjoyable and his mix on Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space is a set worth going out of your way to listen to as an introductory piece. Considering his Boogie/G-Funk sound, it did only seem like a matter of time before he hooked up with a West Coast rapper of the same sound and ilk.

And that’s where we are now with the duo of Snoop Dogg and Dam-Funk (aka 7 Days of Funk) and the announcement of an album due out on 10 December 2013. “Faden Away” is the first single released from said album and it’s what you would expect from both artists…in a good way. It’s synth heavy and sounds like a lost 213 track production wise. Snoop is Snoop; his verses are pretty lazy but they work with the laid back, kush smoke feel of the track. With a lot of DF’s music, the lyrics are secondary to the beats (even if the hooks are catchy) and so Snoop’s inability to break out overly memorable verses is forgiven.

I can’t imagine the album being one of the best releases of the year (this has been a stacked year of music) but I’m intrigued to hear the full album which is the first time I’ve probably ever said that about a Snoop Dogg album (and  the first time anyone’s said that since, well, ever). It will be a must listen if you dig early 90s West Coast rap or G-Funk as it will no doubt have that authentic feel. Hopefully I’ll get a review up when it drops in December.

There’s also a pretty great interview with the duo on Pitchfork this week that’s worth going out of your way to check out.

Here’s one of DF’s older tracks from his “Adolescent Funk” compilation that was a selection of songs he performed and produced as a teenager. Whilst his sound has definitely improved and matured, the funk has persisted.

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