Yeezy’s “New Slaves” Premières on 65 Buildings Worldwide

New Slaves

Kanye West is one of my favourite artists for one reason; constant reinvention. You will be hard pressed to find 2 Kanye albums that share much in common as he’s always changing something about the sound and feel of his music. Take his last solo album (and one of my favourite albums of the last 10 years) My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy; everything from the lyrics to the beats to the artwork are the binary opposite of his debut album The College Dropout. He polarised his fans with 808s and Heartbreak despite the fact it features some of his best work.

Dude is also a well known madman capable of pulling of utter insane things in public whilst still maintaining a devoted fanbase. He’s ruined [several] people’s moments at award ceremonies, the first person he followed on Twitter was a guy from Coventry and his live shows have gotten progressively more insane. And now to promote his new album due out later this year, the guy has premièred the song New Slaves by projecting a video onto 65 buildings across the world.

I’ve watched it a couple times now and it’s getting progressively better with each listen. I love the minimal beat, the harsh-as-shit sounding lyrics he spits and the sudden change in tempo near the end of the song. It’s also a great video and the idea from a promotion standpoint is so unique that it really works, especially for a person who’s as unconventional as Kanye can be.

I don’t personally think he’ll ever be able to better My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as that really was a visceral album that’s stood the test of time and was worthy of the acclaim it got when it first came out. But I’m very intrigued to see where this new album goes.


How can I forget? Kanye also directed a short film to promote MBDTF that’s visually appealing but utter crackers. Still worth a look if you haven’t seen it…even if the acting’s a little naff.

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