State of the Union Address

A Grim Picture of the Pop Culture Wastebin Office in 2013

Having brought up to someone in conversation recently that I used to write a semi-semi-regular blog at some point, I felt compelled to come back here and dust off my old site. Firstly, I kind of seriously forgot the password to this blog for a while. Secondly, I realised the domain name was all screwed up when I logged back on which put me off even attempting to work it out. Then somehow, it now works and I am here writing this strong opening introductory paragraph.

I have a backlog of good ideas of things to write and in between going to the gym and sleeping this weekend, I will try to be more active than I’ve been since…oh I don’t know..last summer? I’ve also started writing exponentially longer Tumblr to the point where I’ve wrote a wall of words and I’ve hacked them down to make them a little less like mini-essays on Exploitation/Grindhouse films.

One of the things I want to write about is the utter obsession I’ve had with one particular cult film since I saw it at the age of 4; Big Trouble in Little China. I’m reminded of it on a daily basis (mainly because the film poster is my desktop background) and it’s a film I’ve never grown bored of rewatching and I’ve probably seen it about 50 times.

Also want to get around to reviewing the new Daft Punk album, writing something the return of Arrested Development and a few other vaguely interesting bits and pieces of some pop culture relevance I feel compelled to write about (expect more cult film entries than you can physically stomach).

In a sentence: I got shits I want to write but whether these get written depends on my weekend and the high likelihood I will not be arsed enough to bother writing too much in one weekend. 

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