I Feel Love

This song is so amazing in nearly any way imaginable. It’s that brilliant strand of Disco that’s so hypnotising and entrancing that all you can’t help but dance along to the glorious repetitive synth and drum pattern. On top of that, you have Donna Summer singing a beautifully upbeat song about feeling love in a way that you genuinely get the sense that this woman is so elated about being in love that she just has to sing about it in the most joyful manner.

It’s a rare breed of hypnotic disco beats and soulful singing blending in a natural and organic way. It’s not forced, nor is it too much of one genre and less of the other. It’s a sound that has never been replicated and a song I hold dear to my heart. If I ever DJ’d somewhere in my life, this would be a definite on my track list. And only the 8 minute version of this track does it true justice. Just a sublime record by a musician who left a tremendous impact on Disco music and who has unfortunately died at a tragically young age.



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