My Bloody Valentine Dropping Music Like Truman Dropped the Bomb

Hey cats and kittens, after a good time away (a fine mixture of work and being away nearly every weekend for the past few months) I have built up the courage to post something up on herrrre. And what is the reason for this momentous return to the written art about? Well I guess you’ll just have to read on. 

I like a lot of albums by a lot of different artists and bands, even bands I don’t necessarily class myself as a fan of. I really like U2’s The Joshua Tree but I’m pretty much repulsed by everything else they’ve ever made. I love a lot of R Kelly singles but I’m not ever going to sit down and listen to a whole R Kelly album beginning to end. However, the same cannot be said about My Bloody Valentine, a band I’ve loved since I first stumbled upon their highly regarded (and damn near perfect) second album Loveless.

So imagine my unequivocal joy when I heard a few weeks ago that the band (who had been playing together a little here and there since getting back together) were set to release some new material this year. And if that wasn’t enough for me to take, on May 7th (next Monday), they’re re-releasing their glorious back catalogue (their first album Isn’t Anything, Loveless and their early EPs) with both the original formats along with remastered editions. Whilst it can be argued that Loveless, being as it is a gloriously distorted and fuzzy mess, really didn’t require a remaster in any way, it could still be an interesting listen providing us with a different slant on the classic album.

An album that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough as it warrants

But whilst this seminal album is rightly getting a lot of attention once again, it’s the re-release of the EPs and Isn’t Anything that deeply intrigue me. I can safely admit that I have not listened to said EPs and have given their debut album minimal attention, which I assume is the same for many people. Isn’t Anything is a really good listen and whilst it’s given it’s due by critics and most musos, it’s an album that’s worth more time than it’s given by the masses. It’s almost a damn shame that the band followed it up with a landmark and deeply influential release. It’s a far rougher album with a rawer sound than it’s follow up which is considerably more polished and sleeker. The EPs will provide me with a complete feel of the band’s complete body of work beyond their two albums, especially the EP’s before a band gets signed to a decent label and starts churning out major(ish) releases.

With the re-releases, potential new album AND an EP of new material, it looks like the only thing missing is a new tour. It can only really be a matter of time before ear drums are melted by the instrumental better known as THE HOLOCAUST . If this was to happen, this would be one of my eagerly anticipated gigs potentially rivalling my excitement to see LCD Soundsystem in 2010.

If you’ve never heard any My Bloody Valentine (seriously?), then check out some choice cuts below and see why I consider them to the best band to come out of Ireland…behind Thin Lizzy*.

*My childhood was spent listening to the Reggae, Fats Domino, Tina Turner (my dad LOVES Tina Turner, hence he made watch Mad Max 3: Beyond the Thunderdome every time it was on) and the greatest hits of Thin Lizzy. Hence, I still firmly believe Thin Lizzy are a fucking incredible band. Kudos for my parents not telling me exactly how Phil Lynott died though. That shit would have traumatised me. 

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