MEMORIES OF 2011 #4: Dubstep Went Commercial, Died a Horrible Public Death

I’m not a huge fan of the genre so I won’t even attempt to play myself off as one. Instead, I will direct you to this great article one of my good friends wrote as part of their brilliant site buttonbutton which reads as a eulogy and tribute to a once exciting genre that’s been reduced to senseless screeching whilst grasping onto the mainstream. There’s also a great article here that tries to work out who or what killed dubstep. 

I don’t really have much to say that won’t expose me as a total novice on the matter, all I can really say is that you know a genre’s been run into the ground when someone like Skrillex is the hot shit.

And I’ll be god damned if the new dubstep-infused Korn album isn’t one of the worst things to happen to human existence since Chris de Burgh’s unfortunate birth. 

Read ButtobButton’s article ‘Dubsteppin’ into 2011: The Folly of Wobble*  here

*Hopefully the more astute of you will have deciphered that this isn’t an overly serious article name, instead, it’s an in-joke that maybe 7 people in existence will probably fully understand. Regardless of that and this explanation explaining that you probably won’t ‘get it’, the title “Dubsteppin’ into 2011” is still pretty hilarious. 


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