MEMORIES OF 2011 #2: Drew Barrymore’s Video for Best Coast’s “Our Deal” Makes Grown Men Cry

Another heads up: I know there’s been little output this past week, I’ve been busy at work which means I come home awfully tired and just sleep. Hopefully I’ll be able to churn more of these memories of 2011 posts today and throughout the week. There’s also some potentially EXCITING news on the horizon, so stay tuned~! 


Whilst there have been some really great videos over the past 12 months, none were as effective from both a cinematic and emotional standpoint as video for Best Coast’s “Our Deal” directed by Drew Barrymore who seemed like a perfect fit for the sunny California trio. Her video was a nice spin on the timeless Romeo + Juliet type story, very much in the West Side Story vein with it’s focus on rival gangs and violence. It also features some of my favourite people in Chloë Moretz (playing a character much older than she really is),  Donald Glover (who doesn’t say much, if anything) and an all grown up Maeby Fünke (who will probably never win me over in a dramatic role. Why? Because she’s Maeby!) along with kids you apparently see in a lot Disney films.

Much like the music of Best Coast, the video is awfully sweet, maybe a little to sweet for some, but it works for me; sometimes sweetness is what’s needed. After a mightily impressive debut album last year and a few good videos to go along with them, you have to guess that 2012 will be as good if not better year for the California band.



And if sweetness isn’t your deal (sorry), then how about a video packed with adorable cats? After all, if I still find cats cute even with a debilitating allergy, then you should too.



If you didn’t get your Best Coast fix or simply hated this horrible re-edit, the extended version is HERE



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