St Vincent 4AD Session


So in 2 weeks, I’m venturing up to Leeds once again to do the usual things like meeting up with old uni friends (who still have a year left of their courses) and drinking large amounts of alcohol in the same places we’ve drank in for the past 3 years or so; a fun time will be had by all. However, my trip isn’t solely based on consuming profuse amounts of alcohol and sleeping on uncomfortable student sofas, I’m also going to see St Vincent who are, without a doubt, one of my favourite acts of the past few years at the Brudenell Social Club. In a true case of “why the fuck did I graduate this year?”, Washed Out are playing there a few nights before and Fools Gold a few days after. Alas, I decided that I wanted to see St Vincent above all other acts as it serves as a chance to hear a lot of the new album along with some of the highlights from “Actor” and “Marry Me” live for the first time.

Their label, 4ADRecords, put this 4 song live performance up on their youtube channel and as you’ll hear, it’s a pretty brilliant little set with Annie Clarke absolutely freaking out on the guitar like a woman possessed. The title song and Surgeon are pretty clear stand outs in my opinion. Roll on November 16th.

I suppose whilst I’m posting about them, here’s the video for the single ‘Cruel‘ which is enough to put most women off of domesticity.

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