A [brief and fairly bland] Post about my Inactivity

A strange thing happened about a month or so ago; whilst I had nothing else productive to do with my days, I couldn’t bring myself to write a review for anything. It wasn’t like there wasn’t a wealth of new music I’d been listening to, I just began to lose my enthusiasm to do much, especially something that would take up a chunk of my day when I could be watching the back to back marathon of Man vs Food.

Having had a decent break away from productivity of any kind, I’ve decided that I need to get back to writing things, just to break up the monotony of everyday life. In between looking for work and slowly realising that the ‘real’ world is characteristically bleak and demanding, I’m gonna try and write at least one post a week, although the content of those pieces is going to be a little different and not so music based (I can’t really write a review for Big Black’s “Songs About Fucking” because it’s been out for like 20 years). In fact, there’s a distinct possibility most of my future posts will be on films I’ve been watching recently, comics I’ve been reading music singles more so than albums and general musings about things swirling around my mind.

I’m sure MANY of you were concerned about my disappearance back into obscurity. Alas, I have returned from the wilderness, clean cut but just as, if not more, nerdy.

Anyway, here is a very weird video from a very very weird genius.

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